Winter update 2018/2019

Having experienced an amazing summer we are now saying goodbye to 2018 and welcoming the new year and opportunities in 2019.

Thank you to all those clients that MQA worked with during 2018. Numerous projects in the pharmaceutical industry were completed across the globe. Assignments included training, auditing and specific remediation work. Client feedback was very positive, and it was encouraging that clients had repeat requests for MQA services.

MQA also supported the Pharmig 2018 November conference and took the opportunity to add to the network of contacts and explore industry requirements now and into the future.

Elsewhere Brexit continues to influence decision making and has added additional workload. The Serialisation and FMD deadline also approaches and companies are making final preparations for implementation.

Annex 1 update for sterile products has yet to be announced and this is sure to add to the project plans in 2019.

MQA already enjoy a very busy January and several projects are in discussion for February and the 2019 is looking like another busy year.

Please contact MQA if your business requires assistance across a range of GMP/QP/Quality improvements. Contact details for MQA are on the website or via email directly and we will be happy to work with you in delivering tangible benefits and cost-effective solutions.

With best wishes for 2019


Summer Update 2018

As we approach mid 2018, MQA Solutions have been supporting a number of remediation and improvement requirements in North and South America as well as several European projects. The range of work has been both challenging and satisfying in assisting clients with value added quality and GMP projects.
MQA also participated in the Pharmig PCP conference in April and it was very positive to see the PCP format attract a range of attendees from both non sterile pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. Shortly after the Pharmig event MQA also attended Making Pharmaceuticals in Coventry. This event was very well attended and always provides the opportunity to learn from the presentation sessions and network with clients and colleagues. As a free entry event it continues to be very popular.
MQA currently have a number of ongoing projects and 2018 continues to be a busy year. With no clear Brexit direction for the UK pharmaceutical business we see organisations having to make contingency plans and MQA has been supporting companies with these plans.
The deadline for Serialisation and the FMD directive draws nearer and this also is impacting Quality and GMP resources.
If your organisation requires assistance across a range of GMP/QP/Quality improvements please contact MQA through the website or via email directly and we will be happy to work you in delivering tangible benefits and cost effective solutions.
Have a great summer and make time to recharge over the holiday period…it promises to be a busy end to 2018.

2017 Review

In the review of 2017 the main change for MQA was the move at the end of the year to supporting existing and new customers through a full time consulting business. A number of customer audits were successfully delivered and there was increased presence at a number of professional and technical conferences and events.

Of note in 2017 was the annual MHRA GMP/GDP conference that highlighted a number of areas of concern for the regulators including theft and losses, transportation deficiencies and Responsible Person duties in GDP. In GMP, deficiencies in Supply chain compliance, failures in QMS performance and continued issues in data integrity are being seen during regulatory inspections.

Several changes to legislation requirements were introduced including for clinical trials and in addition 2017 saw the long awaited MRA for the EU and USA, updates to the introduction for Serialisation and Annex 1 for sterile products. Not surprisingly Brexit and possible implications for UK Pharmaceutical business continue to be a source of discussion and contingency planning.

In the coming year MQA will continue to deliver professional and technical solutions for clients and if we can assist your business please email us through the web site.

2016 Review

2016 has seen the significant update to Annex 16 of the EU GMP Guide and the roles and responsibility of the Qualified Person (QP). This continues to add to the importance of the QP in the assurance of safety, quality and efficacy of medicines. QPs and Regulators are working to the new requirements and please contact MQA if we can support your implementation.

In addition there has been continued focus by regulators on quality, GMP and data integrity compliance both inside and outside the EU. The importance of API GMP and GDP across pharmaceutical supply chains is another area of focus for QPs in all operations.

MQA have been active in auditing and training in 2016 in personal care operations and the application of ISO 22716. Please contact us if you require assistance for these audits.

Summer Update 2015

The start of 2015 sees a transition from working with Custom Pharmaceuticals to working with Dr.Reddy UK on the importation/packing of solid dose product. MQA Solutions have also had the opportunity to work with Pharmig and NSF DBA.
2015 is a year where there are updates to several EU GMP Chapters and Annexes. Already updates have come into force for Complaints and Production cGMP and October sees a major revision to Validation. As QP’s and professionals within the pharmaceutical industry these updates place increasing emphasis on CPD and staying upto date.
Please contact MQA Solutions if we can help with your training or auditing requirements or advise on QMS improvements.


Winter 2014 Update

As we approach Christmas and the end of 2014 there is time to reflect on the changes in our industry. The year has seen the introduction of new guidance for QC Laboratories and Chapter 6 and the increasing importance of Data Integrity throughout all aspects of pharmaceutical manufacture. Risk management and the importance of the quality management system are again highlighted by audits, auditors and regulators.
The MHRA symposia in December and a new update to the Orange Guide will offer the opportunity to update ourselves and prepare for 2015.
2015 promises to be a busy year for MQA and I will be supporting Pharmig at several events…check out the link to their web site for a full events update and I will be working with other organisations in both a training and QP release role.
Please contact me if we can be of assistance to you….
Best wishes

MQA Spring Update

I am delighted to report that I have had the opportunity to work with Brighton University as an honourary lecturer on their MPharm and MSc courses. The course content has been delivered as a range of lectures and workshops on QA and the role of the QP in the pharmaceutical industry. The first year of this new training has been well received and it is expected that the course will run again in 2015.
Focus on training and professional development is a key criteria for maintaining and improving GMP standards and I am very pleased to be involved in this training and development opportunity.
MQA Solutions will be supporting a Pharmig webinar on Water quality as a follow up to the recent one day training event. Unfortunately I was unable to attend and hence the course content will be delivered via Webinar.
Finally in this update I can confirm I will be attending the DBA Alumni event on 6/7 June. It is a great opportunity to update on technical and regulatory changes and of course to network, so I hope to see some of you there.