Writing the MQA summer 2020 update reflects on a uniquely challenging 4 months of Covid-19.

As a provider of a range of pharmaceutical consultancy services including education, auditing and remediation activities, many of which are delivered on sites across the globe the pandemic immediately impacted on the planned progamme!….however

…the industry has adapted to use technology to support some of these requirements and along with the rest of the world…Zoom, MS teams and other platforms have been fully utilised to keep the business moving.

MQA has been able to contribute using technology and a range of courses have been presented  under the NSF education programme and remote auditing is also being supported.

MQA continues to work with a number of UK clients to support on site PQS activities in the marine and veterinary pharmaceutical sectors and as we move out of the lockdown restrictions there are early signs that the QP and PQS requests are starting to return..

Contact MQA if we can provide services to improve compliance and add value to your business.

Stay well, stay safe….